“These are more than just courses. These are interventions designed to foster and improve immunization practice at every level.”

– WHO Scholar programme impact evaluation (2016-2018)

Over 90 countries share experience and collaborate
context-specific, peer-reviewed action plans and other projects developed by Scholars
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of Scholars routinely use what they learned from our programmes

What makes our approach unique

Personalized Learning Experience

Unique scaffolding offers multiple layers of support according to each Scholar's needs, including alumni volunteers acting as coaches and guides throughout the programme

Peer Learning and Cross Border Collaborations

Each Scholar works in a small group for peer review (no matter how large the cohort) and being fully digital, can be connected with colleagues from anywhere in the world.

Scalable and Cost Effective

Being fully digital there are no geographical restrictions or upper limit to the number of participants on each course. With no travel costs or time away from work, the Scholar programme is resource efficient.

Accelerated Knowledge Acquisition

Each programme is a package of interventions designed to support professionals leading change in their area of work. By connecting to the context of work, Scholars are active producers rather than passive consumers of learning.

Impact Accelerator

The Scholar programme doesn't end with the last webinar. The Impact Accelerator programme connects Scholar graduates to collaborate with colleagues from around the world as they take the project they have developed during the Scholar programme towards implementation.

Measurable Impact

Scholars define their own problems, working collaboratively to create solutions drawing on the best available global evidence and expertise, In some cases they have implemented these solutions to create measurable impact in their own settings

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