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— Reda Sadki, The Geneva Learning Foundation

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About the Impact Accelerator

Being a Scholar does not end on the last day of a course.
In some countries, Scholars have spontaneously initiated informal, self-led and motivated groupings of professionals operating across agencies that may provide a different kind of lever for systemic change than traditional top-down approaches.
In Nigeria, for example,….
Building on these emergent dynamics, the Geneva Learning Foundation has established the Impact Accelerator programme connecting Scholar graduates to collaborate with colleagues from around the world as they move from ideas toward collaborative project implementation.

Only Scholars who have already proved themselves highly capable professionals in at least one intensive six week Scholar course can sign up for the Impact Accelerator Programme. In many cases they have already displayed exceptional dedication by acting as accompanists to support the next cohort of scholars through the programme. In the Impact Accelerator they take it a step further and pledge that their project is good enough to take to Impact and that they will dedicate the time and effort to collaborate with their colleagues to covert it into action on the ground.

Scholars on the road to impact


Scholars who have already proved themselves as dedicated, exceptional professionals through at least one Scholar programme pledge that their project is good enough to lead to impact in the field.


Baseline information from the 2016-2018 Impact Evaluation (link) demonstrates how previous Scholars, without the IA, have been able to turn their projects into action. Throughout the IA programme participants contribute detailed information through questionnaires to explicitly track progress and measure how the IA has increased proportion of projects have been converted into innovation, change and impact.


Hundreds of professionals from 90 different countries connect each week for an intense conversation to share successes, new ideas, results and challenges to fast track best practices to achieve impact


Participants are not working alone. The IA allows professionals to mobilise those around them and challenge the international community to deliver measurable impact on the ground.

Scholars pledge to achieve impact

In each Scholar programme, participants are asked to make a pledge to enter the Accelerator programme. This is the pledge made by Scholars who work to transform immunization.

I commit to work for a world where everyone everywhere fully benefits from access to vaccines for improved health and wellbeing.
As a scholar I hereby solemnly pledge to:
• Work with others to transform Scholar led projects into action resulting in improved immunization outcomes.
• Share my successes as well as my challenges through regular reporting on my journey to implementation.
• Support my fellow Scholars as they implement their own pledge.
• At all times uphold the highest standard of integrity and behavior.

I make this pledge to contribute to the global goals for immunization for the health of children and families in my country and everywhere.

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