Digital design and publishing for international organizations

We specialize in delivering design-driven communication solutions to help international organizations maximize the reach and impact of their knowledge, evidence, and advocacy efforts.

We are based in Geneva, Switzerland, home of the United Nations, birthplace of the Red Cross Red Cross Movement, and headquarters for many non-governmental organizations.  Learn more

Publishing remains an important and valuable mode of knowledge production and dissemination for many international organizations. Here are five ways in which the DesignIsGood Team can help:

  1. Design beautiful, high-impact publications in record time – in any languages: We help develop the design brief that will match your communication messages with high-impact visuals to make your publication the one that stands out at a conference, online, or in a bookstore. Learn more
  2. Audit your publishing process: We can audit your publishing process to determine how you can save money and improve the dissemination and impact of your publications. Learn more
  3. Reduce costs and optimize workflow: Are you still contracting designers for each individual publication? We offer an annual package in which our team will coordinate and successfully deliver all of your publications for an entire year. Contact us
  4. Maximize dissemination: We can convert your publications to ebooks to distribute them to over 100,000 libraries (many in developing countries) and over 100 ebook stores, increasing dissemination and impact – and optionally generating revenue. Learn more
  5. Transform your publication into online learning journeys (“e-learning”) to build country capacity: we can build a course to support country capacity building at any scale (from small cohorts to thousands), using your report or other publication as the content source. Learn more

We also:

  • design visual identity systems and branding for your publications and events
  • design beautiful, meaningful data visualizations and infographics
  • provide rapid and accurate editing, proofreading and translation services