Who we are

We are a digital design and publishing collective based in Geneva, Switzerland, birthplace of the first humanitarian conventions, specialized in high-impact communication for the Digital Age.

The Design Is Good Team has worked with the World Health Organization and other international organizations for over two decades. Our team’s experience includes collaboration with many of WHO’s flagship programmes, including the World Health Report, World Health Statistics, Global Tobacco Control Report, and the World Malaria Report.

The Team is led by Senior production manager Claude Cardot. Mr Cardot has successfully managed thirty years of digital transformation in publishing, from the desktop publishing revolution to the rise of the Internet. He brings to the table over a decade of experience helping international organizations to deliver results.

Everyone of our processes is driven by design thinking as a method for creative action. We consider communication to be a knowledge and learning function, as its aim is to package and disseminate knowledge to maximize impact. From our inception in 1993, we have been encouraging our clients to move away from print-centric design, while insisting that the quality development processes built into the preparation of publications be retained and strengthened.

Unlike other service providers:

  • we have deep knowledge and practice in humanitarian, development and global health work – and see our contribution as helping your organization to achieve its mission;
  • we leverage expertise in both digital and print-era publishing, to ensure that we are at the cutting edge of the former and leverage the quality and experience of the latter;
  • we use business process management (BPM) and quality development (continual quality improvement) to continually improve our services.

We are now part of Learning Strategies International (LSi), a global talent network dedicated to solving wicked learning and knowledge problems. Learn more about LSi’s innovative learning solutions…