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LSi’s publishing team delivers a new global report for the World Health Organization

Our team has just completed the production of a new global report for the World Health Organization, titled Communication radiation risks in pediatric imaging. WHO has also published a feature story on a safety campaign to reduce medical radiation risks in Africa, currently linked from the Organization’s home page.

The team also produced the executive summary in seven different languages.

Dr Maria Perez, responsible for this report, thanked our senior production coordinator Mr Claude Cardot for “his impressive, prompt and effective response to our concerns and requests.”

The team has been collaborating with the Department of Public Health, Environmental and Social Determinants of Health  (PHE) at WHO since 2003. “As happened for [two previous reports], it has been a pleasure working with Mr Cardot”, added Dr Perez. is LSi’s design and publishing team. We offer design, editorial, and layout services to international organisations, as well as innovative solutions to augment reach and maximize impact of knowledge production.


A double-page spread from the report

An infographic from the report