Chris de Bode’s photography featured by the World Health Organization for World Hepatitis Day

Following the blog post about our shoot with photographer Chris deBode, we are pleased to share that his work for LSi is being featured on WHO’s web page for World Hepatitis Day.

The set of 20 posters were designed by LSi’s Claude Cardot using Chris’s photographs of WHO and UNAIDS staffers.

Our team’s animation to illustrate the Global health sector strategy on hepatitis 2016-2021 is also featured on the page.

Chris deBode's photography featured by WHO for World Hepatitis Day

Chris deBode's photography featured by WHO for World Hepatitis Day
Chris deBode’s photography featured by WHO for World Hepatitis Day

Animated storytelling to augment the impact of a global health strategy

Worldwide, approximately 240 million people have chronic hepatitis B infection and 80 million people have chronic hepatitis C infection – two liver infections that together result in an estimated 1.4 million deaths worldwide. The World Health Organization has declared that “A stepped-up global response can no longer be delayed.”

Of course, for WHO, publishing the Global Health Sector Strategy on Viral Hepatitis is necessary but no longer sufficient to achieve impact. In a hyper-connected world driven by a ruthlessly ephemeral news cycle, new approaches are needed to disseminate public health messages.

LSi’s design team, led by senior editorial consultant Aradhna Duggal, worked with WHO’s hepatitis team to bring to life the strategy’s key messages. We worked around the clock with a talented animator, based in Australia, to deliver.

For every report, we now recommend that the following be developed to augment impact:

  • A static infographic, summarizing the key messages using compelling visual language.
  • A data-driven, interactive web page to engage visitors with the significance of what is being published.
  • An animated story explaining why this issue matters

Of course, we believe the most effective way to put such knowledge to use is to develop a scalable, open digital course. This is what LSi’s Learning Team does.

LSi’s publishing team delivers a new global report for the World Health Organization

Our team has just completed the production of a new global report for the World Health Organization, titled Communication radiation risks in pediatric imaging. WHO has also published a feature story on a safety campaign to reduce medical radiation risks in Africa, currently linked from the Organization’s home page.

The team also produced the executive summary in seven different languages.

Dr Maria Perez, responsible for this report, thanked our senior production coordinator Mr Claude Cardot for “his impressive, prompt and effective response to our concerns and requests.”

The team has been collaborating with the Department of Public Health, Environmental and Social Determinants of Health  (PHE) at WHO since 2003. “As happened for [two previous reports], it has been a pleasure working with Mr Cardot”, added Dr Perez. is LSi’s design and publishing team. We offer design, editorial, and layout services to international organisations, as well as innovative solutions to augment reach and maximize impact of knowledge production.


A double-page spread from the report

An infographic from the report

Season’s greetings and happy 2016!

From Claude and the rest of the Design Is Good Team, we wish you the best for this festive season and a beautiful new year. Yes, we know it’s early. But many of you will be enjoying time away from work, so now is the time to share!

Season's greetings from the Design Is Good Team
Season’s greetings from the Design Is Good Team